User:Cecropia/Arbitration election endorsements

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I have endorsed a number of editors who I know and respect. I don't want to enumerate them here as I may have missed someone worthy by foolish oversight or because I simply don't know them well enough. I have confidence that the community will elect the most appropriate candidates.

Frankly, since I am running myself, I am not comfortable with endorsing others lest it seem a quid pro quo or a solicitation of the same. However, since the endorsements are being widely done, I would feel bad to have others think I didn't care enough the worthies assembled here to express an opinion. Having said that, let me reiterate that I do not mean to downgrade those I haven't endorsed, and I will refrain from making negative endorsements. -- Cecropia | explains it all ® 06:44, 22 Nov 2004 (UTC)